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Theron, an accomplished storyteller and performer, offers a unique and captivating method of communicating without voice. His approach, unmatched by any other, brings home the beauty of reading through the hands. As the father of two sons and as a natural at what he does, Theron instantly establishes rapport with people of all ages. Making audiences laugh with his antics, he travels the nation performing and presenting workshops. He appeared in Forget Me Not (ASL Films) and is also a Certified Baby Signs® Instructor, providing a comprehensive course for babies and their parents in under an hour. 


About Theron

ABC ASL, a non-profit organization formed in 2005, inspires people to learn an easy and natural method of expression while developing language and communication skills. This method incorporates literacy, cross-cultural understanding, and a lot of laughter.

ABC ASL strives to help build language skills at an early age, teaching children to express themselves while creating a positive outlook on learning. Children and adults alike are taught using innovative – and fun – educational techniques and approaches. 


ABC ASL provides storytelling, fun activities and lessons in American Sign Language (ASL) to build language skills at an early age, providing a positive outlook on learning. ABC ASL inspires the learning of an easy and natural method of expression through storytelling, activities and popular children’s books. Participants learn various ways to interact with one another while sharing cultures.


Theater Masks
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Toddler ASL Playtime
(Ages 0-5)

ASL is proven to help babies and toddlers communicate earlier in life. By translating children’s books into ASL, Deaf and hearing toddlers can see what the story means in addition to hearing and reading the books. Parents and their infants can also sign up for Baby Signs® classes.

Children’s ASL Storytelling Club (Ages 5-18)


With a vast repertoire of classic ASL stories, the ASL Storytelling Club is ideal for any child who wants to watch or learn ASL stories. Workshops and performances for middle and high school students are offered.

Storytelling for Adults


Adults shouldn’t be left out of ASL stories. Working with an ASL storyteller skilled in conveying cinematic senses, adults will learn how to tell their children or friends stories in ASL. Workshops and performances are also available.

other services

Other services include private tutoring, ASL classes, and performances at hospitals, parties, libraries, schools, day care and businesses. 

Ask about ABC ASL's special Mime performance!
Customized activities and games upon request!
Seasonal books perfect for the Holidays and special events!
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A excellent ASL series aimed at telling the amazing stories from a Deaf Mechanic to his son, retold from Ed Chevy, a bassist on Beethoven's Nightmare. Click below to support! 


Austin, Texas

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